Product photography

Ensure your products make a positive first impression with our professional product photography 
When it comes to selling items either in store or online, you need a professional product photographer to ensure they look their best. Based in Stockport, we specialise in providing a range of product photography services to help our customers get the most out of their products - and most importantly to sell more of them. 

Capture everything

This service is great for a range of customers, as our wealth of experience ensures we can provide studio or on location photography. It’s ideal for capturing eBay products, clothing, cars, food, drinks, and much more. In addition to still items, we’re also able to capture live performances and events. You can find out more about our 
event photography services here. 

Food photography that looks good enough to eat

When it comes to selling good food, it's all about what the customer sees. Whether you want to sell to wholesalers, retailers or directly to customers, you must have mouth-watering images. It’s important to ensure that your photographer has the specific skills necessary to portray your products perfectly - as even the slightest colour cast or exposure can turn the most delicious cuisine into unflattering dishes. Our specialist food product photography service is ideal for restaurants, bars, and food vendors.
We’ll bring the shoot to you

We’ve made our services as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we’re able to bring the photo shoot to your location with our mobile photography studio. This professional-grade studio will provide you with high-quality images guaranteed to make your products fly off the shelf. We will travel anywhere the customer needs the shoot and will also bring the required equipment including lighting, cameras, and backdrops, as well as any props. This is perfect for busy restaurants, development kitchens and retailers who don’t have much time to spare or transport for their products. 

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Get crafty

Excellent imagery is extremely important for retailers of unique or bespoke items in situations where customers have nothing familiar to reference. We have special expertise in photographing the weird and wonderful – so however unusual your trade is, you can be sure we’ll be able to capture images which really communicate the essence of what you do or have created. You've worked hard to produce your crafts, so let us provide you with high quality photos that are sure to inspire your customers to make a purchase.
Lifestyle photographs
We specialise in providing individuals and commercial clients with a range of location photography services. 
From staged personality shots to real-life situations, this is a great way to capture your everyday life in an artistic manner.
What is lifestyle photography?
Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that focuses on portraying real life situations in a measured, coordinated and controlled setting. 

Through lighting approaches that use a bright, natural, and airy-type look and feel, lifestyle portraiture is commonly utilised as the primary photography concept in magazines, fashion-orientated photography and advertising photos.

By featuring photography subjects in a highly controlled setting, we’re able to create an image that reflects a desired mood, emotion,or desired treatment highlighting the individual, product, or subject in a way to brings out all their best qualities.
What’s different about Paul Lees lifestyle photography?
During this service, we seek to bring out the best of our subject's personality, interests, and emotions through the use of well-crafted, lifestyle-orientated imagery.

Through the use of natural photography settings on location and mobile studio photo sessions we use real life approaches to shape our lifestyle photography. This results in crafting a visual image that portrays our clients in a manner that accurately reflects who they are.

How much does lifestyle photography cost?

Authentic capture of people, personality and places with a relaxed, unhurried photo shoot with no time limit starts from £400. 
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